Green Initiative 2024

Save Open Space Lakewood is a grass-roots initiative created and promoted by Lakewood residents who seek change in the status quo of rubber stamping development projects without consideration of the future impacts to residents and our natural environment. If successful, developers will no longer be allowed to buy their way out of city code which requires developments to provide parks and open space.

Initiative Summary as Set by Lakewood City Clerk

Shall the City of Lakewood Municipal Code Chapter 14.16. PARK AND OPEN SPACE DEDICATION be repealed and replaced to eliminate the option for developers to pay a fee in lieu of parkland dedication and to require the City to accept open space and land dedications for current and future developments.

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Save Belmar Park, formed in September 2023, is one of many neighborhood groups that have had similar experiences with Lakewood and developers.  The objective of Save Open Space Lakewood’s initiative is to bring all of these groups together to work toward their common goal of protecting Lakewood’s natural environment.